Goodwill Ambassador

Waqar Younis - Former Cricketer

The famous cricketer, Mr Waqar Younis has strong commitment towards social issues and is a well-known celebrity in the society especially among the younger generation who take inspiration from their heroes and consider them as their role model and last but not the least he has no ambition for personal gains. Mr. Waqar Younis as the Goodwill Ambassador of Alzheimer’s Pakistan has taken upon himself the responsibility to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and lobby with policy makers in Government, Civil Society, the Private Sector and local communities to gain support for Alzheimer’s PakistanHe has further committed to promote Alzheimer’s key messages at every opportunity and introduce Alzheimer’s cause at both national and international levels.

He would champion the cause of Alzheimer’s and participate in special events (e.g. TV shows, concerts, on-site visits, etc) whenever possible to highlight and discuss the key Alzheimer’s messages with specific target groups. Mr. WaqarYounis will also participate in the fund raising for the welfare activities of Alzheimer’s Pakistan. Mr. Waqar Younis has requested the nation through media to join hands with him and become members of Alzheimer’s Pakistan and support its services. More information on Alzheimer’s Pakistan and its services could be obtained by calling at 0300-4056009 or by logging onto its website He has said that there are around 1 Million people suffering from this disease in this country and these numbers are increasing sharply due to the increase in average age of Pakistanis.

However, the country is not ready to tackle this huge problem as there are no services available for people suffering from this disease. Mr. Waqar Younis has also requested the families having people with dementia to come forward and help us in breaking the stigma that people with Dementia are mad. He has said Alzheimer’s Pakistan has already made a day care center for Alzheimer’s patients in Lahore and requested the families to send their loved ones to the day care center so that they are looked after properly and the carers could also get some relief and respite.

Alzheimer’s Pakistan also plans to establish day care centers in other major cities of the country. Mr. Waqar Younis has also appealed to the government to provide required services to people with this disease and their families and also support Alzheimer’s Pakistan, the only non-government organization, striving hard to provide these services on its own.


    A Little Care Is What They Need!

    What is the basic reason for joining this volunteer program?

    (Tick the option that suites you best, you can choose the multiple options as well)
    To support Alzheimer’s PakistanTo learn about DementiaFor gaining experienceTo become an active contributorTo help me get into paid employmentVolunteering is a tradition in my familyAny other reason:

    What would be your preferable way to get involved in this volunteer program?

    (Tick the option that suites you best, you can choose the multiple options as well)
    By making at least five volunteersBy organizing fundraising and donation collecting eventsBy sponsoring a patient for Rs. 2000 per monthBy organizing awareness events. (seminars, camps, walks, etc)By putting up poster on shops, distributing awareness material and placing donation boxes at different locationsBy helping in the establishment of new branches in other citiesAny other way by which you can help Alzheimer’s Pakistan?


    Note: It is mandatory for all the volunteers to raise a donation of Rs. 2000 by selling Alzheimer’s Pakistan’s information cards worth 100 rupees (each card) in addition to the above mentioned commitment. All volunteers will be awarded with an acknowledgment certificate.


    Alzheimer’s Pakistan

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    Thank you for your interest in donating to the work of the Alzheimer’s Pakistan. The generous support of donors provides services for people facing Alzheimer’s disease and supports research to improve treatment, care, and prevention strategies. Donations can be made through cash, cheques and bank drafts: Cheques and bank drafts should be addressed to “Alzheimer’s Pakistan”. For cash donations, please find below our bank account number:


    Alzheimers Pakistan


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