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Alzheimer’s Pakistan’s Delegation’s Meeting with Imran Khan

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5 December, 2017
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5 December, 2017


Alzheimer’s Pakistan organized a meeting with Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf on March 06, 2106 at Banni Gala, islamabad. The Alzheimer’s delegation comprised of Mr. Frank Schaper, Ambassador, Alzheimer’s Disease International, Dr. Yasmin Raashid, Patron, Alzheimer’s Pakistan and Mr. Hussain Jafri, Secretary General of Alzheimer’s Pakistan. Mr. Imran Khan was informed about the growing problem of Alzheimer’s Disease in Pakistan.

Mr. Schaper highlighted that there are no services provided by the state to PWD and their families and this situation emphasis the need to implement provincial dementia programs as health has been devolved in Pakistan and provinces run their own health independently. Mr. Imran Khan was presented the hard copy of the Provincial Dementia Program, which has been developed by Alzheimer’s Pakistan for provinces to adopt and implement in their respective provinces. He promised that his provincial government in KPK province would definitely like to implement the Provincial Dementia Program. He assured that he will instruct the Health Minister of KPK to meet the Alzheimer’s delegation and implement the Provincial Dementia Program.


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