World Alzheimer’s Day Awareness Session – ALZ

World Alzheimer’s Day Awareness Session

Medical Camp
5 September, 2018
T-20 Kinnaird College Cricket Tournament
5 September, 2018

An Awareness Session to commemorate the World Alzheimer’s Day on Sept 21, 2017 was organized at The IV Prep, JT Branch, Lahore. Dr. Hussain Jafri, secretary general of Alzheimer’s Pakistan conducted the session , which covered topics such as Dementia prevalence, introduction to Alzheimer’s Pakistan and its Services and World Alzheimer’s Month. Dr. Hussain Jafri also spoke on the support options available for those living with Dementia and their care givers. The session was followed by Question & Answer session and discussion.

The Awareness Session was attended by a good number of students and staff of the institution.


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