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Alzheimer’s Pakistan Gujranwala Branch‬

Alzheimer’s Pakistan is proud to announce the establishment of a new branch in Gujranwala, a‬‬
key district in Punjab, Pakistan. This initiative is a response to the significant need for‬‬
dementia-related education and support in both the urban and rural areas of Gujranwala, where‬‬
varying literacy and awareness levels pose distinct challenges.‬‬
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In rural communities of Gujranwala, with a literacy rate hovering around 51% among those aged‬
10 and above, there is a critical need for foundational health education. For the past two years,‬‬
Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Bridge, an advocacy program led by founder Ali Warraich, has‬‬
been at the forefront of delivering educational advocacy sessions in local schools and‬‬
communities across villages in Gujranwala. These sessions empower key family members with‬‬
essential Alzheimer’s care knowledge, fostering a community-driven approach to health‬‬
education in areas with minimal healthcare infrastructure.‬‬
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Conversely, in urban Gujranwala, despite higher literacy rates, the understanding of Alzheimer’s‬
remains limited. Here, advocacy has been more robust, with numerous educational programs‬‬
and public sessions enhancing community awareness and understanding of dementia care‬‬
complexities. This sustained advocacy effort has been instrumental in the establishment of this‬‬
new branch, supported by Alzheimer’s Pakistan.‬‬
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The Gujranwala Branch of Alzheimer’s Pakistan will offer a range of free services designed to‬
meet the diverse needs of our community:‬‬

  • Awareness & Advocacy: Raising understanding of Alzheimer’s and dementia across‬ different segments of society.‬‬
  • Informational Sessions: Conducting sessions to disseminate vital information about‬ Alzheimer’s and dementia care.‬‬
  • Family Counselling Services: Providing support and guidance to families dealing with‬ dementia.‬‬
  • Information & Educational Material: Distributing resources to enhance knowledge about‬ Alzheimer’s care.‬
  • Dementia Friendly Community Initiatives: Creating a supportive environment for those‬ affected by dementia.‬

Founder’s Background‬‬
Ali Warraich, the founder of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Bridge, brings extensive experience‬‬
from his role at Senior Helpers, the nation’s premier provider of in-home senior care. His‬‬
expertise, particularly his Senior Gems® certification, underpins the educational content and‬‬
advocacy strategies of the Gujranwala branch. Through his leadership, the branch aims to‬‬
extend comprehensive solutions, improve care practices, and inspire compassionate community‬‬
action.‬‭ ‬‬

Coordinator‬‭Ali Warraich‬‬
Location:Village Kot Baray Khan, Gujranwala District,‬ Punjab, Pakistan‬‬‬
Mobile‬‭:+1 (414)-534-1214